Brisbane: Please say we’ve done a good job. Please.

Forget “Australia’s New World City”, Brisbane’s slogan during the G20 should be, “Look, look, I exist too! I can host things! Acknowledge me!”2014-11-08 14.48.40

As statesmen and women, dictators and warmongers (just for fun, you can fill in the blanks as to which leaders fill each description) settle into the Queensland capital for the G20, radio, television, newsprint and the internet have been flooded with listicles, articles and sound bites trying to pin down Brisbane’s identity for a captive international audience.

This post, perhaps the worst of them all because it is going meta, asserting that, if you need to find an identity for Australia’s third largest city, it is that of a younger sibling desperately trying to impress in the shadow of Sydney and Melbourne. Read more of this post