New England, Sunshine Coast’s millionaire parties

When the history of this increasingly bizarre election campaign is written, the past week will fall under the heading of “Eccentric business tycoons join the race”.

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All eyes on Armidale

When I accepted a position as a cadet journalist in a small country NSW town, I was expecting to be relegated to stories about CWA meetings, complaints about potholes in the main street and police fining bored hoons for doing burnouts at the lookout. Read more of this post

What will it take to legalise gay marriage?

Over the next three days, four hundred delegates will help shape the Australian Labor Party’s policy platform for the next three years. The party’s National Conference is currently taking place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour, and will include discussion and debate on a number of key issues, including the exporting of uranium to India and whether half the delegates should in future be directly elected by the party’s rank-and-file. Read more of this post