Road tripping through America: The Listicle


When in Murica…

A COUPLE of weeks ago, I went on my first social road trip since returning from the United States. It wasn’t a long one – just a pleasant Sunday drive to Springbrook National Park and other parts of the Gold Coast hinterland – but the trip evoked the same feelings of adventure and freedom that comes from discovering new places in a dinosaur-powered combination of metal, plastic and glass.

Only seven of the 28 days in America were spent traversing the countryside, but it’s those days I keep daydreaming about – a 3400km odyssey through seven states from the Pacific Ocean to within a few kilometres of the Mississippi River. Read more of this post


The Fast and the Slightly Irritated

POLICE reporting has the tendency to make you paranoid, especially about getting behind the wheel.

Every week I get to catalogue the number of drink drivers, unlicensed motorists and various car crashes happening throughout the Redlands. Read more of this post