Diagnosis Wanderlust

10404486_10152431523987567_8074948124992286700_nTHE symptoms will strike without warning, finding their way into your day in vulnerable places like the office, the morning commute or even your empty house.

All of a sudden you suffer a heaviness of the heart, concentration loss and a mild delirium that flings you to places visited and destinations for which only imagination is a source.

The twin forces of nostalgia and forward optimism combine to flash images of distant lands, miles of asphalt under wheels, friendly faces speaking in foreign tongues, desert, forest and vast oceans. Read more of this post


Selfies in the face of tragedy

ImageOne World Trade Centre, though still incomplete, has cemented its place as the defining landmark of the modern Lower Manhattan skyline.

Standing 541m high, the tower also provides an eerie sense of scale for visitors to the adjoining memorial to its predecessors

While visiting the National September 11 Memorial last Monday, I felt my stomach drop slightly as I looked up at the new skyscraper, then back to the giant waterfalls in the exact footprints of where the North and South towers stood 13 years ago. Read more of this post