FIFA 16 to include playable Qatar slave workers


EA has announced highly anticipated football video game FIFA 16 will include the option to play as borderline slave workers constructing the World Cup stadium in Qatar.

The extra content, available as DLC upon the launch of the title later this year, will add a new layer on top of the high-quality football simulator that’s drawn strong reviews for years.

“We wanted to make a product that appealed to both fans of the sporting and survival genres,” an EA spokeswoman said.

“We’ve been in talks with Bethesda to create a realistic role-playing game so that we can show the highs, the lows and the rock bottoms of the beautiful game.”

The DLC allows you to choose a name, backstory, country of origin and skill set for your character.

After choosing, all of those are taken from you, as well as your passport, as you do your best to survive the harsh environment working in the high mortality field of stadium construction in Qatar.

“There’s a range of factors you need to work with – the heat, the back-breaking labour, the suicidal feelings – that, like Fallout, make this what we hope will be a classic in the genre,” the spokeswoman said.

“Will you be one of the 1200? Or will you make it out alive, triumphant and still in relative poverty?”

Microtransactions are required throughout the game to add to the realism, as your character tries to send money back to the South Asian country from which they came.

Critics given early access to the DLC have praised the gameplay and single difficulty setting – Impossible – calling it “the most authentic thing to have come from FIFA in years”.

But cynics believe the move could also be a way of placating growing dissent among male gamers upset that the game’s main sporting mode will include women athletes for the first time.

“This will be a relief to the Gamergaters,” one reviewer noted.

“They’ll be able to play in a place where women are neither seen, nor heard.”


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