Pundits to Oddscheck: abuse your privileges, hire an actual social media expert



SOCIAL media pundits have told betting agency Oddschecker to “abuse their privileges” and use their vast wealth to hire an actual social media consultant.

The unsolicited advice from those unqualified to make judgment mirrors Oddschecker’s own decision to offer sexist relationship tips to footballer James Wilson.

It followed a string of similar tweets on their corporate social media account, which inside sources say is run by a year 8 student.

Veteran Twitter user Opinionista Dogememe said it was time for Oddschecker to treat itself.

“Sure he can type in coherent English but someone needs to remind Oddschecker they’re a major multinational company benefitting from a constant money stream from addicts and their families,” she tweeted alongside a screenshot of the offending original.

“Start abusing this privilege.”

Gambling companies hold among the highest outrage-to-tweet ratios, a fact that somehow amazes some people.

Other companies are offering odds on the fallout from the scandal. “Everybody learning a good lesson and finally getting along” is way out at $6000, though ahead of “the Advertising Standards Bureau taking punitive action against the company”, which is way out at the GDP of the United Kingdom.

“Grovelling apology and a fortnight-long sabbatical before return to the status quo” is sitting at $1.10.


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