Road tripping through America: The Listicle


When in Murica…

A COUPLE of weeks ago, I went on my first social road trip since returning from the United States. It wasn’t a long one – just a pleasant Sunday drive to Springbrook National Park and other parts of the Gold Coast hinterland – but the trip evoked the same feelings of adventure and freedom that comes from discovering new places in a dinosaur-powered combination of metal, plastic and glass.

Only seven of the 28 days in America were spent traversing the countryside, but it’s those days I keep daydreaming about – a 3400km odyssey through seven states from the Pacific Ocean to within a few kilometres of the Mississippi River. Read more of this post


Brisbane: Please say we’ve done a good job. Please.

Forget “Australia’s New World City”, Brisbane’s slogan during the G20 should be, “Look, look, I exist too! I can host things! Acknowledge me!”2014-11-08 14.48.40

As statesmen and women, dictators and warmongers (just for fun, you can fill in the blanks as to which leaders fill each description) settle into the Queensland capital for the G20, radio, television, newsprint and the internet have been flooded with listicles, articles and sound bites trying to pin down Brisbane’s identity for a captive international audience.

This post, perhaps the worst of them all because it is going meta, asserting that, if you need to find an identity for Australia’s third largest city, it is that of a younger sibling desperately trying to impress in the shadow of Sydney and Melbourne. Read more of this post

Julien Blanc supporters say Australia ‘playing hard to get’

The following article is a satirical sketch.

SUPPORTERS of controversial pick-up artist Julien Blanc say Australia’s decision to cancel his visa have been misinterpreted, claiming the move simply means “the country wants him more than ever before”.

The Red Pill Anti-Misandry League issued a statement on Friday afternoon claiming Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s move to bar the public speaker, notorious for encouraging men to use emotional and physical abuse to court women, was simply a “sly trick in the emigration/immigration game”. Read more of this post