Why are phone hacking victims and nude photo hacking victims treated so differently?

WHEN ‘journalists’ were caught hacking phones for stories, there was public outrage. When hackers stole the account details of 77 million PlayStation users, there was widespread anger at the perpetrators and serious questions for Sony about its security systems. When hackers stole sexually explicit images of female celebrities there was… victim-blaming.

Three cases of hacking, and it’s only the crime involving boobs where the victims are blamed. Like the proverbial deer caught in the, ahem, headlights, the public are fixated on the celebrities, rather than the hackers, the tech company and the so-called fans who let them down. Read more of this post


South Dakota: the tourist trap state


A South Dakota tourist trap (Mount Rushmore) portrayed inside a South Dakota tourist trap (Mitchell Corn Palace). Tackception.

IF COFFS Harbour ever pulls a Detroit and files for bankruptcy, the subsequent sell-off of The Big Banana would probably see the oversized piece of fruit snapped up by the state of South Dakota.

Not because of any connection the Midwestern state may have with the tropical, allegedly evolution-debunking botanical berry, mind you; after all, South Dakota also boasts a Santa’s village and Scandinavian museum.

No, South Dakota would happily take the Big Banana off our hands because, at least from my observations criss-crossing the country, it appears to have the greatest concentration of tourist traps per square mile of any of the United States. Read more of this post