This 90s kid points out 9 ways to create clickbait. You won’t believe what happens next…

REMEMBER when the internet was littered with long, thoughtful essays about current affairs? Me neither, mainly because a) such a period exists only in the minds of web veterans blaming Gen Y for the potholes in their information superhighway and b) even if there was, my long-term memory has been shot to pieces by the proliferation of clickbait articles spamming cyberspace. Read more of this post


Something Wicked this way drives

UPDATE: Wicked Campers has apologised for the offending slogan and vowed to remove other “insensitive” messages from vans, according to ABC News.

IMAGINE the disembodied, pre-pubescent voices that haunt the servers of Call of Duty had the opportunity to plaster their thoughts about all things female on the nation’s highways. Actually, scratch that – there’s no need to imagine, because Wicked Campers has already done it for them. Read more of this post

Like the Vatican, but with more bird skeletons

THIS trip to the beach was the strangest I’d experienced, including the time I stumbled upon that nudist beach.

Living near the coast in a swimming-crazed country, visits to the seaside in late spring and early summer typically involved hunting down the last, precious parking spot before walking across hot sand to the refuge of the cool, turbulent ocean. Read more of this post