Man with no perspective frets over Crimean crisis’ effect on Eurovision

A VICTORIAN man has expressed concern over the Ukranian-Russian standoff’s potential impact on the Eurovision Song Contest.

The 28-year-old Fitzroy man, whose friends asked not to be named out of shame, had no interest in the deepening crisis on Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula until a colleague jokingly questioned whether it would affect this year’s incarnation of the kitsch international tournament. Read more of this post


We used to be friends

SUNDAY morning in the park. The sun was shining, the birds were out and children were playing ball games or taking their pets for a run.

It was the perfect photo opportunity, too good not to share. I pulled out my phone, took a quick snap and then chose a filter. I figured the sunset filter would work best; it gave everything a larger-than-life golden tinge.

“#lazysunday #funday #park #sun #dayoff #bliss #blessed” Read more of this post