Will we pay for today’s social media mistakes in the future?

First published in The Armidale Express on 15th August 2012.

THERE’S a video by satirical website The Onion claiming that every potential candidate for the 2040 US presidential election is now unelectable due to embarrassing or incriminating photos on Facebook.

While an obvious exaggeration, the premise of the video does raise interesting questions about how social media will affect Generation Y’s employment prospects in the future, especially as we begin to move into senior management and political positions. Read more of this post


Video games are no longer just for the geeky neckbeard growers

First published in The Armidale Express on 5th July 2012.

FROM THE beginning of next year, Australian gamers will finally be allowed to buy video games rated R18+.

The bipartisan support for extending the classification system for games shows a growing recognition that the make-up of Australia’s gaming community has changed dramatically in recent years. Read more of this post